creature comfort: L shaped couches, and walk-in around in boxers

best concert you've ever been to: Asher Roth at the Troubador

favorite cereal: fucking Rudy’s fam 

austin go-to: fucking Rudy’s fam

Abhi the Nomad is a 24 year old indian boy, dots, not feathers, hailing from the small suburb of Thousand Oaks, CA. Originally from India, Abhi has traveled through multiple different countries, finally landing in the US, to share with you his unique style and killer rhythm. From Hip Hop to Indie, to indie Hip-Hop, Nomad will blow your mind with his kung fu style and abstract artistry you haven’t ever seen before. From the age of 12, Abhi has been kicking rad rhymes independently. Abhi writes all of his material and also produces most of it himself. While working on his own solo projects, Abhi the Nomad has joined Foster to become half of "El Capitán."