Adventure Us // Bonnie Kate & Max Zoghbi

superlative: most likely to inspire the adventure in all of us 

creature comfort: max: has to be being outside in nature. i'm not 'right' if i haven't felt small in front of a mountain every few months... also, joggers. // bonnie kate: flowers + all things that grow around me

best concert you've ever been to: max: three-way tie between: coldplay in an arena, mumford and sons on the mississippi river and mutemath in a tiny 300 person dive bar... my face melted off... // bonnie kate: our cozy little "rosemary sessions" 

favorite cereal: max: captain crunch, extra berries. why they make any other cereal remains a mystery to me... // bonnie kate: homemade granola straight out the oven

austin go-to: max: foster atx duh, hamilton pool and the churro food truck! // bonnie kate: hamilton pool

This full time travel/work venture was born out of the reality that Bonnie Kate had to testify in June of 2015 for the trial of the Batman Theatre Shootings where she was shot in July of 2012. 

Our 79' Airstream "Rosemary" is a (literal) silver lining; the goal we worked towards as we worked through the trial + endless chronic pain that has marked Bonnie Kate's life since the shooting. With a never-ending itch for travel, mobile careers, a deep zest for life only such a tragedy can foster + the closing of a hard chapter in our life, Adventure Us came into being.

It is the culmination of our day dreaming and combination of our gifts as we together redefine the American Dream. But it really started back when we were kids, before we even knew it...

When you're a kid, everything is new, everyday; because of this we are raised in awe and wonder as our brains eat and make sense of the world. Somehow this wonderment is often lost in the dulling routine of 'adulthood'. We believe the truest gift an artist can give to their audience or client is an effective, emotive deliverable that gets us back to 'awe' and 'wonder' long enough to consider a new thought or take a new action.

That is what waking up somewhere new each week affords us: the rare ability to see new cultures, smell new foods, soak in new sunsets and lavish in new places. To constantly live in a state of discovery, curiosity and wonderment. This atypical 'routine' inspires us daily which in turn, inspires + empowers our work.

Our roadworthy venture and full-time travel/work lifestyle is replete with collaborations, documentation, mystery, adventure and new friends. We would love to meet you out on the road less traveled and find a way to #beadventureus together.