Articulture Designs // Dante & Monique

superlative: most likely to set the most whimsical ambiance 

creature comfort: dante: i'd have to go with bourbon // monique: i love the comfort of my dog, she is a comfortable dog.

best concert you've ever been to: dante: watching hubert sumlin from 10 feet away, then realizing the guy standing next to me for last 30 minutes was robert plant equally enthalled with one of his idols....that was cool. how about best austin residency? that was redd volkaert/billy dee/ricky davis tuesday's at ego's (back when ego's was a great live music club) // monique: the meters with bonnie raitt as a surprise guest at liberty lunch

favorite cereal: dante: chorizo, egg, and cheese // monique: golden grahams

austin go-to: dante: the green belt // monique: wheatsville

Articulture is a design firm and décor boutique in Austin, Texas, founded by local “artrepreneur” Monique Capanelli. While known for large vertical living walls – including Whole Foods Domain, Platform, Shake Shack (South Lamar, Houston, and Hollywood) – the Articulture boutique features innovative home and garden décor creations for any home, nook, or cranny. The ¾-acre gardens also double as an “I can’t believe this is in the middle of Austin” event venue. Articulture is a zero-waste facility, and utilizes sustainable practices in all its event, art, and business ventures.