un paseo, night I // 08.10.17

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un paseo, night I // 08.10.17


THURSDAY AUG 10 | 7:00PM- 10:00PM

Drinks // Gem&Bolt Mezcal, Cathead Vodka, Hops & Grain

We are pairing up with our good friends at WhenWhereWhat Austin to bring you a pop-up dinner that is bigger and grander than anything we've done before. It's something we've talked about, dreamed about, and now, we're bringing it to life for you to experience it.

For this one, we're opening up spots at the dinner table in the breathtaking Loot showroom. Just you wait.

Guests will enjoy an 8 course dinner prepared by Chef Gabe Erales and Chef Pablo Soto. Gabe and Pablo worked together at Noma MX as well as worked at Noma Copenhagen at separate times. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Noma Copenhagen is one of the most well-respected, sought-after restaurants in the world (literally, it has been named World's Best Restaurant several times) and Noma MX was the 7-week pop-up restaurant in Tulum that was met with unparalleled reviews. Gabe and Pablo worked closely together in the test kitchen at Noma MX developing and creating unique dishes together. This dinner is not only special to us, but also to Gabe & Pablo as it will be the last time the two will cook together for awhile.

If you asked us to bring together our dream venue and dream chefs to work with — well, you're looking at it. Take our word for it, you want a seat at this dining table.

And did we mention? There will also be live music.

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