creature comfort: grocery shopping, craft beer, growing things in my garden

best concert you've ever been to: Bjork 2007 @ ACL -- she caught the stage on fire & had like a 25 piece Icelandic symphony behind her while she danced her ass off in a golden sequin moo moo dress! Pretty epic times to say the least. 

favorite cereal: I actually hate cereal. Especially with milk. It get's too soggy!! #dontjudgeme

austin go-to: Lichas Cantina, Zilker Park, Haus Bar Farms -- one of the most wonderful places on earth.

Our obsession is simple: vibrant Latin culture and cuisine paired with locally sourced ingredients. Beautiful, sustainable & delicious. Whether we are cooking a family style wedding dinner for 200, or plating dessert for 20, our goal is always the same : enjoy the moment, enjoy your company, but mostly, enjoy your meal!

We focus on creatively pairing sustainable Texas bounty to the seasonality of your event, bringing it to life with an affinity for great food, genuine service and a knack for details and planning.

So whatever it is, the weekly sales meeting to the VIP media event, 50th wedding anniversary to over the top cocktail party -- we offer cultured but healthy to the absolutely decadent. Let us help you create your dream menu!