Danielle Locklear


superlative: most likely to be the world's most intentional, lovely human 

creature comfort: a great glass of wine and some old soul/blues music playing on the record player can cure just about anything in my opinion.

best concert you've ever been to: leon bridges is one of my favorite performers right now, but my best all around concert experience was probably iron & wine or when i caught kanye at all a few years ago

favorite cereal: i'm generally an oatmeal or greek yogurt gal, but if i'm going to do cereal, it's going to be something seriously sugary and horrible from my childhood like honeycomb or golden grahams :)

austin go-to: with a toddler in the mix, we are pretty intentional about where we spend our nights out. our top choices will always be sushi (uchiko, dk or kuneho), a balanced cocktail that I can't make at home (vox table, townsend, drink.well) or a great happy hour (chicon, juliet)

for·age (verb) // a search or the process of searching for something, especially a search for food and supplies or a search among a varied collection of things

fod·der (noun) // material for stimulating response; people, ideas, or images that are useful in stimulating a creative or critical response

forage + fodder began in 2013 as a hope to better myself through food. that sounds like a justification for eating my feelings, but at the heart of it, it’s a call to live more intentionally and to find a little bit of joy and purpose (if not a lot) in every day. for me, food is and has always been an avenue to well-being. forage + fodder is nothing if not an honest portrayal of a lady trying to do better by herself and others. and hopefully you’ll come away with a recipe or two along the way.

we are texans born and raised and currently living in austin. he can most often be found in our bungalow workshop out back listening to old country or on a long cycling adventure. she usually has either a camera or a cocktail in her hand, sometimes both. we both believe in intentional living and genuine community. in our home, mealtime offers moments of adventure, comfort, and whimsy; but more importantly, it brings the opportunity to connect with others. our family is completed by our firecracker of a daughter, ruby jean, and a sweet little pound pup named sadie mae. welcome to our little life.