superlative: most likely to fall in love in the kitchen 

creature comfort: relaxing in the daphne house backyard // aka margaritas. our dog. string lights. patio hanging. fire pitting. 

best concert you've ever been to: alabama shakes 

favorite cereal: neither of us are cereal people (gasp!!) but we love a big bowl of crunchy granola with almond milk and berries 

austin go-to: el alma's patio + avocado margaritas (ask them to muddle in a jalapeño if you’re in the mood)

Maradeth Hart grew up in Lincoln, NE and moved to Austin, TX in 2014. After battling with food sensitivities throughout her childhood, Maradeth changed her diet, healed her body and realized how important it is to eat good food. She attended Bauman College, a holistic culinary school in Boulder, CO and Le Cordon Bleu graduating with a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Together Maradeth and Tanner share their passion for hospitality, travel and of course, their dog Layla.

Tanner O'Dell has been cooking since he was 12 years old. For him it has always been a passion and a way for him to express his creativity. Before high school, Tanner started his first catering company in Lincoln, NE. The entrepreneur hustle didn't stop and over the next 5 years Tanner hosted radio shows, cooked for hundreds of clients and loved every minute of it. At 16 years old he met Maradeth, who started teaching him about cooking for health. Next up was culinary school in Austin, TX and then a gastronomy program in Paris. Now Tanner and Maradeth can't wait to share their journey with you!