superlative: most likely to have the best moves in the kitchen & the dance floor 

creature comfort: a solid migas taco makes me the most happy 

best concert you've ever been to: paul mccartney 

favorite cereal: raisin bran, i know super lame 

austin go-to: gourmands

Growing up in Northern Mexico and Texas, Fermin was always surrounded by great food. Curiosity and the need to start cooking for himself is what motivated him take a chance on culinary school at the Art Institute of Houston.

He came to Austin in 2009 when he landed a job on the line at La Condesa. Since then Fermin has worked with culinary teams at Uchiko, Launderette, and L'Oca D'Oro.

Fermin is driven by his admiration for Mexican cooking techniques and flavors to share these nostalgic bites of food.

Today, Nunez is the Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Suerte