superlative: most likely to be featured in a coca-cola commercial 

creature comfort: Havaianas

best concert you've ever been to: Paul McCartney 

favorite cereal: Cookie Crisp 

austin go-to: Zilker

Born and raised in Brazil, Fernando was exposed to professional cooking at an early age. His parents own restaurants in Brazil. After coming to the US, he worked at several restaurants but always wanted to have his own. In 2015 Fernando decided to open Boteco in Austin, a food truck dedicated to serve Brazilian street food, where he could use all his knowledge in Brazilian food and do what he loves the most, share his culture and passion of food with others. 

In 2017 Boteco won as the 18th best restaurant in the United States, followed by an international appearance in a Coca Cola commercial, Fernando was becoming more and more well known by local chefs and local foodies. In 2018 he was the only chef to represent Austin in the Top 100 best restaurants in the country by Yelp, holding Boteco in this competitive list for two years in a row. He believes that holding Brazilian food at such a high level internationally is the least he can do to thank and represent his beautiful home country.