superlative: most likely to make you skip right to dessert 

creature comfort: when I lived in california, the sound of the ocean... but second to that, ice cream; you can't be upset while eating ice cream

best concert you've ever been to: Run the Jewel & Gorzillaz back-to-back at ACL 2017, with my boyfriend and some fellow line cooks

favorite cereal: frosted mini-wheats. reminds me of my grandma who would let me pick out the most frosted ones for myself

austin go-to: Dolce Neve // Homeslice // Brew & Brew // Better Half // Dirty Martins... it's too hard to chose one

Sarah grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles in Valencia, California. After graduating from SDSU with her Bachelors in Graphic Design, with Magna Cum Laude honors, Sarah realized that sitting behind a computer did not inspired her creativity. It was then when she started baking from of boxed mixes for friends and realized that baking combined not only her hands-on creativity but also her love for math, science, and organization. 

In 2011, Sarah moved to the bay area to attend The French Culinary Institute as their very first pastry class in their California campus and graduated Top of Class, with Distinction and awarded Best in Creativity. She interned at Mayfield Bakery, Palo Alto before assuming a paid position. Then, upon moving to San Francisco, Sarah was the Pastry Lead at Wayfare Tavern before obtaining the Pastry Assistant position at Michelin 3-starred Saison. 

In 2014, Sarah decided it was time to see something outside California and moved to Austin, Texas to be the Pastry Lead at Uchiko. There she meet Damien Brockway who brought her into his new restaurant Counter 3.FIVE.VII as Pastry Chef, where she also gained a great deal for front-of-house experience, including received her Introductory Sommelier Certification. From there, she joined the Bryce Gilmore family at Odd Duck, and in 2017 because the Pastry Chef at Barley Swine.