superlative: most likely to end all war with a smile 

creature comfort: twiddling my hair (best stress reliever ever) 

best concert you've ever been to: the new record i'm working on

favorite cereal: crispix

austin go-to: casino el camino south

There is a connection between the roots and the future. An air filled with music. A beautiful collision between time. Love and life. The core of Kalu is here. In that, a fervent adventure into the willingness of soul and mind. Deep blue laden transmission of music steeped in passion and relevance. With Gut-bucket grandeur and powerful emotive delivery, Kalu James' dynamic tenor soars over the elusive electric joint Born in Nigeria, Kalu James moved to the United States at the age of 18 and although he had sung in the choir since age 9, it wasn't until he moved far from home to New York State in 2001 to study computer technology that he discovered his gift for songwriting. After a three year residency at the legendary, Continental Club and a day (June 11th) named after him in the "Live Music Capital of the World" Austin, Texas, his path burns brighter.