Your favorite magician, Michael Mystical Michael is ready. His warm personality, wit, charm and confidence in his ability to 'read' his audience, makes every show fresh and unique. Michael's comedy and astonishing slight of hand has delighted audiences around the world. He has worked with such renowned entertainers as Ruth Gordon, Penn & Teller, Avner the Eccentric and The Flying Karamazov Bros. Now, you can amaze your own corporate or private audience with the magic of Magical Mystical Michael.

From strolling magic to an intimate living room setting (adults and children parties), to a large stage with lights, music and sound, Michael has worked it all. With over 40 years of performing experience, in three different continents including magic through the Himalaya Mts, Michael has touched the hearts of people with his magic, those who might never have experienced a live magician before.

Have you ever personally seen someone float in mid-air, water stop in mid-stream, a playing card inside an orange, red lights passing through their ears? These amazing feats aren't limited to national TV. Magical Mystical Michael will make it happen right before your very eyes! Michael's original comedy, with high-powered magical effects makes his audience laugh while they're scratching their heads and wondering "How'd he do that?" A true entertainer, he blends mystery and personality, to keep you marveling, wondering and smiling every minute of the show.