superlative: most likely to have her own stand up comedy show

creature comfort: my actual creatures- two twin black siamese cats- bagheera and freyja

best concert you've ever been to: when I was 18, in deep ellum dallas, broken social scene, being in the front row and feist opened for them (she was unknown at the time, and was unbelievable)

favorite cereal: cream of Wheat - brown sugar flavor

austin go-to: dee dee for food, austin winery for wine, dry creek boat dock to feel like a human again

Deepa has always been an avid experimenter in the kitchen, from making her own food during childhood to starting her own underground catering company after college. At age 13 she remembers coming home and just making her own creations, a favorite being Texas Toast fried in butter with homemade yogurt and hot sauce.

Even in college she began working at fusing South East Asian flavors with East Texas favorites, such as a panang curry etouffee for friends. On a trip to Coorg, India she found a food-centric culture steeped in pride that reminded her of home. Coorg, like Texas, was a part of a bigger country with a serious streak of independence and tradition. It was the creativity and freedom of expression that truly pushed her into a culinary career.

After college she showed her iron-will by working her way up from dishwasher to line cook. She knew starting out that she had to be the quickest, and the best at any job put in front of her. That was the only way she would get to touch food. After working in several restaurants in Austin, she started her own business providing amazing meals to guests in an underground supper club, and in the Austin farmers’ market. We can now find her at Puli-Ra, a low-country Indian meets hill-country Texan food trailer located at Texas Keeper Cider, where she continues to innovate and expand in every direction.