superlative: most likely to be the most vulnerable through her beautiful stories 

creature comfort: lately, it's been waking up early enough to catch the morning news on my couch with a cup of coffee. it's definitely the most "real human adult" thing that i do - and it really makes me feel grounded and connected to the world.

best concert you've ever been to: this is def a tough one, so i'll just say that the best one i've been to in the last year was hands down james blake at the moody theatre. i actually emerged with a new face after that one, cus the old one just melted right off. but really, i was blown away by, not only the sounds he and his band were able to produce live, but also the stage performance production was fantastic.

favorite cereal: i definitely prefer granola to cereal because i'm a basic white girl, but if i had to choose, honey nut chex.

austin go-to: i will accept an invite to pacha any day, any time. it's been my favorite since college, and it's one of the only places in town that hasn't changed since then. the food's great, and they have a ton of gluten free options, which is a bonus for me! i've also been really getting into exploring the different entry points of the greenbelt around town with my hubby and puppies.

DOSSEY is the electro-pop alter-ego of artist/songwriter/enigma Sarah Dossey, who is also a member of Austin-based folk/bluegrass outfits The Reliques and Indian & The Jones.

A true Austin original, DOSSEY got her start playing her unique brand of electronic pop for the club crowd at Swan Dive, a local club known for cultivating local indie pop, electronic and dance artists. It was from that stage that DOSSEY truly honed her sound and stage presence - partnering soaring pop melodies with hard-hitting analog and digital synths over a tasty bed of vintage 808 beats. 

DOSSEY has been featured as a New & Noteable artist on Noisetrade, an artist of the month on Altarwork, and has performed with Gungor, Beautiful Eulogy, Levi the Poet. She was also nominated for Deli Magazine's Best of Austin poll in February of 2017. 

DOSSEY's sophomore effort, an EP called "Electric," releases on April 10, 2017.