What is Foster?

Foster is a collaborative platform that connects aspiring musicians and those passionate about cooking with our community through intimate gatherings in unique spaces. Musicians and cooks curate meaningful experiences centered around music or food and utilize Foster as a marketplace to share their talents. Gatherings are open to the Austin community for a ticketed price and serve as a way to come together to support local talent while meeting like-minded individuals.


Are both food and music at every gathering?

Totally depends, but in most cases, food gatherings and music gatherings are separate. Meaning, when you sign up for a food gathering, you will be there to gather around a table with others to support a local chef. Music gatherings, on the other hand, are centered around live music, and a meal will not be served. However, we love to switch things up to delight our guests so you might find little hints of each at booth gatherings.


How does it work?

Browse through the gatherings page to see what sparks your interest. Once you find the right gathering, book your spot. Input your payment information and we will be in touch with additional details, including the gathering location if not already available.


How do I attend a gathering?

Once you’ve created a Foster profile, you can book a spot at any Foster food or music gathering. So long as there’s enough spots, your payment will be processed and you will receive an email notifying you of the gathering details. At this time, your card will be processed for the ticketed amount plus tax.


How does Foster address my dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Food gathering listings will specify what restrictions and allergies the chef can accommodate. Upon checkout, there is also a section to list any dietary restrictions. We will work directly with the chef to accommodate these restrictions. 


Can I reserve multiple spots? 

Absolutely. The more the merrier. 


What is Foster’s refund and cancellation policy?

At this time, we do not offer refunds. You may, however, transfer your ticket  - simply reach out to us at hello@fosteratx.com to facilitate this transfer and we will get you all squared away. 


How late can I book a spot at a gathering?

For food gatherings, you may book up to 48 hours before the gathering. For music gatherings, you can book up until the show if spots are still available. 


When will I receive the address of the gathering?

We will occasionally host gatherings where the address is kept secret until the day-of. We all love a little intrigue, don't we? For these types of gatherings, we will list the general location in the details, and then on the actual gathering date you will receive an email notifying you of the venue’s address and any additional instructions you may need. Patience is a virtue. 


How do payments work?

All payments are processed in advance through our site through our third party payment processor, Braintree. No monetary exchange will occur at the gathering. As soon as your spot is confirmed, your card will be processed for the ticketed amount plus tax.


Will alcohol be provided?

Depends. Gathering listings will specify whether or not guests will be encouraged to BYOB or if drinks will be served through a sponsor. Cheers. 


How do I get into my confirmed food or music gathering?

Once you have received confirmation that your spot has been reserved, you will receive details about the gathering through an email. We will have your name on the guest list, so please be sure to bring your ID to present at the door. All guests must be +21. It's always a party. 


How can I partner with a Foster host or local venue to hold a gathering?

That's all on us. We love playing matchmaker. If you already have a space in mind, shoot us an email at hello@fosteratx.com with details. We love meeting new people and will work together to see if it's the right fit.