superlative: most likely to give you a transcendent experience through their unparalleled energy 

creature comfort: timmie: ben and jerry's ice cream // chantell: yoga // dean: lasagna

best concert you've ever been to: timmie: hank williams III at stubb's indoors in 2004 // chantell: co co rosie // dean: death grips sxsw 2014

favorite cereal: timmie: I don't eat cereal // chantell: i don't eat cereal either // dean: craklin oat bran

austin go-to: timmie: the greenbelt // chantell: barton springs // dean: juice land

Fort Never is the moniker of Texas based producer and songwriter, Timothy Ruch. Listen to his latest work with singer Chantell Moody and drummer Deano Cotè.