"Foster curates this magic into one holistic event, centered around music or food, where a musician’s story behind the lyrics can be heard loud and clear or the intricacies of a chef’s recipe can be celebrated with every bite. All this while surrounded by people eager to enjoy and appreciate the details that are most times overlooked in a less intimate setting. I leave each event inspired to seek out the talent I just experienced - whether it’s catching the musician’s next show  keeping an eye out for Nine Banded Whiskey or Austin Beerworks while having a night out on the town - simply because I got the chance to experience these brands at a previous event."
- Jill S. (guest)




"We left our Foster ATX show feeling simply elated. As musicians, playing to a crowd of people is what helps sustain your energy. As songwriters, playing to a crowd of receptive folks, for whom you can share your stories with, is sheer bliss."  

- Lauren H. (musician)




"I have never worked with anybody that was so dedicated to getting things done because they wanted to create something special not just for themselves but for the special people that make Austin what it is."
- Gabe E. (chef)



Foster ATX SXSW by Sydney Gawlik-05397.jpg




 "The musical guests were talented and engaging. Their enthusiasm rivaled only by the quality people that surrounded them. To me, that’s what defines the Foster experience - the people. Seldom is it possible to begin an afternoon as strangers and end the night as friends. From sing-a longs with renowned local artists, to sampling local flavors, the Foster formula achieves just that. 
- Chris A. (guest)




"From sharing stories beneath the stars to listening to a passionate artist strum the soul with raw talent it’s all a sweet return to what makes us interesting, relatable and human. And that my friends, is something to foster."
- Jo G. (guest)




"Working with the Foster team has been nothing short of a dream come true.  Not only are they incredible at curating beautiful events and experiences, they are also fellow artists.  They truly understand what it's like to be the one selling goods and go above and beyond to take care of you.  If you have the chance to attend an event or work with them do not miss the chance to be a part of some magic.  It also doesn't hurt that every event that I've done with them I have come away with way more than expected."

 - Dave M. (artist)


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