How can I host a Foster food or music gathering?

Tell us a bit about yourself and your space. Fill out the 'collaborate' tab in the header or email us directly at hello@fosteratx.com. 


Are both food and music at every gathering?

Totally depends, but in most cases, food gatherings and music gatherings are separate. Meaning, when you sign up for a food gathering, you will be there to gather around a table with others to support an aspiring cook. Music gatherings, on the other hand, are centered around live music, and a meal will not be served. However, we love to switch things up to delight the guests so you never know. 


What if a guest cancels their seat?

Guests can cancel their seat as long as it is 48+ hours of the gathering for a full refund. If it is less than 48 hours before the gathering, the guest will still be charged with the option to transfer their tickets to a friend. Note that once a seat is cancelled 48+ hours in advance, it will become available for other guests to reserve. 


How are Foster gatherings different than normal shows?

Foster gatherings are held in unconventional spaces, creating an intimate environment where the music is the focal point. Gatherings are intentional about cultivating an atmosphere where connection and collaboration are encouraged. 


How large of a space do I need to host a gathering?

Depends on the type and scale of the event. Shoot us an email of what you are dreaming up and we will see if we can make it work!