Huggy & The Feel Goodz is a seven-piece Soul and R&B group comprised of Jonathan Huggins (frontman), Louk Cox (musical director), Chase Goldman, Greg Clifford, Xavier Davis, Dan Krumland, and Ari Burns. Through soulful performances, traditional instrumentation, and influenced by the warm nostalgic sounds of Emily King, D’Angelo, and Marvin Gaye, The Feel Goodz consider themselves “New R&B.” 


Born in Germany, frontman Jonny Huggins grew up immersed in 70’s and 80’s soul music, a love inherited from and developed by his mother.Though originally a trombone player, Jonny always admired lead men and women and their ability to move an audience through music. Inspired by his personal experiences, friends, and mentors at Grammy Camp, Huggins auditioned for The X Factor his freshman year of college. Although he did not make it onto the show, he made it through to the fourth round of auditions. It was just the validation he was looking for to pursue a career in singing. 

At a particularly vulnerable point in his life, wrought with family difficulties, friends at the famous “Avenue F” house took Jonny under their roof, leading to new auditions and work with cover groups around Austin. Jonny’s career accelerated in a serendipitous meeting with Moontower Entertainment and musical director, Louk Cox. Louk and Jonny began working together with brass band Interrobang and Louk’s horn section, Soul Food Horns. 

After performing extensively in cover bands, Jonny yearned for a creative outlet to produce original works. Louk joined forces with Jonny to assemble a band with a rare level of musicianship and musicality – drawing primarily from The University of Texas at Austin’s jazz program. 
Honed through countless collaborations with other jazz and brass bands around town, Huggy & The Feel Goodz brings a raw energy to their performances that draws in the audience, making it impossible to sit still and inviting people to get their groove on.