Kettle & Brine // Tarica Navarro

superlative: most likely to make you want to purchase everything in shop 

creature comfort: spending time in the kitchen to cook a gourmet meal from scratch. it's one of the only things that gets my mind off the daily to-dos and i can be fully absorbed in the moment.

best concert you've ever been to: when i used to live in l.a., i used to go to this little bar called hotel cafe and i would just be transfixed on whoever was on stage. i loved the intimate setting. i once told catherine feeney there that i loved her and i fell asleep to her music every night. 

favorite cereal: we actually eat eggs every morning!

austin go-to: odd duck for our day dates between my husband and i. otherwise we have a secret spot that we row out to on the creek when the weather is nice out.

"Born out of a love for good food and great design, Kettle & Brine was launched out of our desire to live more thoughtfully through the objects that we chose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Our spirit is best captured by our name. The kettle represents the utilitarian accessories, while the brine stands for the extra little efforts that go a long way into making a meal great.

Starting with the idea that good food is what gives life, we believe that a great meal is the heart of the family and therefore should be paid the homage it deserves. Through stories told and dialogues created from a shared meal experience, time spent gathered around the kitchen and dining table allow for relationships, ideas, and communities to prosper. As an advocate of real foods, we aim to foster a connection between people and the process of creating a wholesome meal. Since art and design is our language of choice, we believe that creativity and beauty is a true expression of the self, and that products crafted with that intention help to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. We value good products that withstand the test of time, becoming heirloom pieces that age with grace.

In our world, food is consumed visually as well as physically, and setting the stage allows us to pause, reflect, and relish wholeheartedly. We support craftsmen and makers who share our core values and believe in sustainable practices. We believe that as food should be nourishing to the body, the plate and setting in which it sits upon should be worthy of its contents and inspiring to the soul. So here’s to the makers and dreamers who share their craft with us, in hopes that their forever pieces find their way to your home." 

- Tarica Navarro + The Kettle & Brine Team