superlative: most likely to set the tone. every single time. 

creature comfort: Anna: hot english breakfast tea with milk and sugar and shortbread cookies // Rhoda: drip coffee. with milk. 

best concert you've ever been to: Anna: sam beam of iron & wine. private concert at billy reid - mind blowing. second faves: au revoir simone (before they were famous) in nyc, deathcab for cutie at the old emo’s downtown // Rhoda: elliott smith in nashville dive bar after the electricity went out. he lit candles for the stage and performed acoustic. it was beautiful.

favorite cereal: Anna: cinnamon toast crunch // Rhoda: cracklin’ oat bran

austin go-to: Anna: polvos for enchiladas and margs // Rhoda: barton springs pool. favorite is at night during a full moon, or floating at night when the bands play at acl fest.

Vintage Rentals are the unique and classic details not found in your typical event rental establishment. We do not rent your grandmother’s mothballed closet or old cars. What we do specialize in is well-crafted and one-of-a-kind furniture, handpicked mismatched china, glassware and everything else to make your table setting complete. We also provide all of the vintage accoutrements to complete your special affair.