february 17, 2017



It's in the crevices…


The people, the genuine ‘how are yous’’ and the intentional note. It’s in the community style tables in restaurants all across town, the open co-working spaces and unique collaborations between small businesses who, at first glance, don’t seem to share a common thread.  We’ve experienced it at our favorite coffee shop, where someone leans over to compliment a notebook and begins a conversation about their very own business venture with endless words of wisdom. We’ve felt it when founders from similar-concept companies have rallied behind us, reaching out with kind wishes and show up to enjoy our gatherings. When industry professionals have taken a chance on us, offering their services after-hours to enable us to bring our idea to life. It’s our community, and it’s what makes Austin the incredibly special place that it is.


There is a reverence here. Where people from all paths of life, hometowns and backgrounds come together in pursuit of their passion. It’s the ‘togetherness’ that sets Austin apart from any other city. It’s not boastful, nor competitive.  We’ve heard it from restaurant owners, musicians and creatives alike; for one person to succeed does not mean the other will not. In fact, it’s the opposite. For one to thrive ensures there’s an environment for two to succeed. There’s a need, a demand, and most of all, an appreciation.

Foster_flyfelix-29 (2).jpg


It’s inspiring to learn that your server is in fact in acting school, your valet is a crazy talented musician, and your barista is actually an aspiring florist. How fulfilling it is to know we can do this crazy ride of life together, making each late night worth it, and each obstacle a little easier to bare. Being in a community of creatives challenges and drives us, and leads us to pursue a life full of passion.


While, like most people, we are not from here, we have come to feel more a part of this city than anywhere else we’ve ever lived. It’s the thoughtfulness, the creativity, the intentionality and the small-town feel that makes Austin home.