Noah Marion Quality Goods 


superlative: most likely to be the most most talented with the just right amount of sarcasm

creature comfort: my handmade peruvian hammock

best concert you've ever been to: i'd have to say erykah badu

favorite cereal: hands down cap'n crunch

austin go-to: tam deli for pho or bahn mi or anything really

Noah Marion had been carrying the same wallet for almost a decade when he finally had to shop for a replacement. After being disappointed over and over with his search he decided to craft his own hand made leather wallet.

Noah had a vision and now it was time to curate the plan. Noah's father made teepee's in the 70s and had an excellent sewing machine. However, the needle wouldn't puncture the leather. So, Noah's father taught him how to stitch instead.

In 2011 Noah began working out of his mother's garage in Austin, TX. If you are familiar with Texas weather you know we have three seasons: warm, hot and hotter. This new work space could only be temporary. Several relocations later and Noah finally found his dream work space at 2053 S. Lamar Blvd. Do yourself a favor and visit this handsomely refinished boutique. Noah and his brother did both the demo and the makeover. The decor can be described as industrial chic with a cool South Austin vibe.

Noah's products began getting recognized several years ago by well known publications such as Tribeza. The magazine was hosting a fashion show and not only did they showcase Noah's leather goods but they also let Noah design his set space which he curated with his own vintage furniture collection.

Noah began selling his goods to local brick and mortar boutiques such as Hotel San Jose and then online with One King's Lane. His leather goods have even been sold in New York and Australia. You can now purchase Noah's current line at his South Lamar location and online. 
In addition to wallets Noah also makes leather handbags, iPad cases, keychains, hats, canvas totes and more! There's so much to see you'll want to have a seat and sip an espresso as you take it all in. Yup, in addition to leather goods Noah can also whip up a cup of espresso for his guests. The beans come from the Cerrado region of Brazil.