superlative: most likely to give the world's greatest hugs 

creature comfort: that feeling of getting into cold clean fluffy sheets in bed

best concert you've ever been to: los amigos invisibles & la sonora dinamita together

favorite cereal: choco crispies

austin go-to: whisler's

Pablo was born in Mexico city and has been living and traveling abroad since the age of 5. He started cooking in professional kitchens at the age of 17 and has completed studies in Mexico and Monte-Carlo.

Noma, Joel Robuchon, Grâce, Alinea and Pujol are some of the restaurants that have made him passionate and detailed in his work.

After a couple of years consulting in the Caribbean and Central America , he joined the Noma Mexico test kitchen early this year, and now prepares to move back to Europe for an interesting new chapter in fine dining.