How can I be a Foster musician?

We believe in passion and raw talent, regardless of genre or how well-known you are. Shoot us an email with links of your music and we’ll be in touch. 


How are Foster gatherings different than normal shows?

Foster music gatherings are held in unconventional spaces, creating an intimate environment where the music is the focal point. Gatherings are intentional about cultivating an atmosphere where connection and collaboration are encouraged. 


Does Foster take a commission on the price of my music gathering when I perform at one?

Yes. This is a co-hosted event between all sorts of crazy talented creatives in this city. 


What should I expect during my music gathering?

Music gatherings typically last 2-3 hours. However, it's all dependent on the actual gathering so it could vary a bit here and there. 


What if a guest cancels their spot?

Guests can cancel their seat as long as it is 48+ hours of the gathering for a full refund. If it is less than 48 hours before the gathering, the guest will still be charged with an option to transfer their ticket to a friend. 


How are ticket prices determined?

We will work together to determine a fair ticket price for each gathering. Each gathering is a co-hosted event between a lot of talented individuals here in town so we price out tickets accordingly. 


When will I get paid for my music gathering?

You will receive your payment within 4 days of your gathering.


What type of setup do I need to perform at a Foster music gathering?

It depends on the type of gathering. If a full setup is required, we will discuss equipment costs together.