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"There are places we remember for the way they make us feel: anxious and intrigued, jubilant or grateful. It’s in these spaces some unexpected connection occurs, weaving that moment forever into our memories. Suddenly, that place feels important and that experience, special. Recreating that feeling is a struggle, for its elusiveness is part of what makes it worthwhile. How do you capture spontaneity and plan the unplanned? This was the challenge the three women behind Foster ATX shouldered when they landed in Austin."



"Foster ATX provides a setting to not only meet new friends, but also local chefs, musicians, and artists that are pursuing their passions and sharing them with you. Of course, we were curious to see what a dinner party would look like in co-founders Stephanie, Shelby and Sara’s own home, and it’s no surprise that we were in for a treat."



"Stephanie Gutierrez, Shelby Goodwin, and Sara Barge are the trio behind Foster ATX, a music and culinary pop-up series that works to support and showcase creative and talented individuals in Austin. Roommates, travel partners, and self-proclaimed soul mates, the trio continuously works to open people’s minds and push the boundaries on what it means to feel connected to another."

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Foster ATX values community above all. Founders Shelby Goodwin, Stephanie Gutierrez, and Sara Barge spent five weeks backpacking in Europe, and Goodwin claims that the seeds for Foster were sown during that trip. Upon their return, Goodwin admitted that they were all unhappy at their entry-level marketing jobs. Still inspired by their overseas trip, Gutierrez asked, "What if we can bring people together through music and food?"

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"Foster ATX's pop-ups bring together food and music, usually with multi-part events. Previous iterations featured brunch, sushi, Mexican fare from former Noma chefs, a holiday cocktail party, and dinner focusing on charcoal."



An exclusive dinner from a celebrated local chef. An intimate concert in a private living room. A wine tasting focused on mindfulness. These are the kinds of events that Foster ATX trades in. Launched in May 2016, Foster ATX is the brainchild of Sara Barge, Shelby Goodwin and Stephanie Gutierrez – three college friends who wanted to focus on creating intentional experiences.

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"Find your passion and chase after it. Invest in people. The hardest part is getting started, so just start somewhere. Read. Learn as much as you can from others that have gone through this before you. Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it. Make time for what it is that feeds your soul. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it."



"Foster ATX took from after a backpacking trip across Europe by friends Stephanie Gutierrez, Sara Barge, and Shelby Goodwin. After traveling to 11 different countries and being inspired by the food and music in every city, the trio decided to find a way to share the talent that surrounded them."