superlative: most likely to feed and teach you all at the same time 

creature comfort: robert: my puppy girl sasha (a.k.a squashers, squashy) // kristen: i love food and love to cook. that's why I am probably in the food business. 

best concert you've ever been to: robert: i'd have to say it was a jimmy eat world concert that kristen and I went to a few years back in san antonio. // kristen: free concerts! i like the free music shows around austin. never a shortage of those. 

favorite cereal: robert: this is a tough one because I don't eat much cereal these days, but I did love me some raisin bran crunch back in the day// kristen: i love granola. not really cereal, but it is often eaten like cereal. i like to make my own, too.

austin go-to: robert: the greenbelt. a close second for me personally is the roy kizer/ jimmy clay municipal golf courses here in austin. // kristen: the greenbelt. when i first moved here i lived along the greenbelt and it is my favorite place to just go and relax on a day off.

Pretty Thai® was born out of a shared love for great food. Kristen and I met, interestingly enough, on a food truck, and although immediately smitten, it was not until I had her cooking that I knew she was the one. You could say it was Love at first bite! Food brought us together. We would cook together nightly, with a bottle of wine and John Legend to accompany us. We fell in love while creating what would ultimately be our food truck Pretty Thai For A White Guy. We learned the classic techniques of cooking while attending Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX, but great food is more about imagination and fearlessness to try something new, and it doesn’t hurt when you have an innate gift to put flavors together, which is what Kristen possessed. I like to think I brought the fearlessness to the table. Ultimately we transitioned from the food truck to becoming a specialty sauce and spice company because we are passionate about giving people authentic, unique, simple, clean, versatile, big flavored products, paired with unique recipes, to cook with at home. Food brought us together, and through Pretty Thai® we hope to do the same for others!