superlative: most likely to deepen your connection to food through stories shared

creature comfort: a clean house/kitchen/office

best concert you've ever been to: the jayhawks

favorite cereal: grapenuts or chips and salsa

austin go-to: whislers/ ramen tatsu-ya

Sarah Heard has a strong passion for food, starting from the dirt where the food was cultivated. She began cooking in Austin 12 years ago and has had the amazing opportunity to work with or directly for several highly regarded chefs in Austin during that time. She began her career at the Mansion at Judges Hill where she was quickly promoted to Executive Sous Chef for a 6 year rein. She then spent several years working for Shawn Cirkiel, Nathan Lemley, and Justin Rupp at Parkside Projects as the Banquet Chef. She is currently partnering with Suzanne Court Catering as the Executive Chef, and working closely with Ned Elliot of Foreign and Domestic part-time. She believes that maintaining integrity and respect for all parts of the process that bring food to your plate is essential to a good dish and to the guest experience. In her home life, she has traded a lengthy commute for a small plot of land where she gardens, raises chickens, goats, and geese for food, and teaches her 5 year old daughter how to be sustainable and respect food.