February 14, 2018


MEET — Sara Barge

Our girl. The creative eye. She makes each gathering her own - blending her special appreciation for details with her love for art, design and woodworking. She never ceases to amaze us - with her unparalleled talent, fearless attitude and uncanny ability to tackle anything thrown her way with grace. So much of what has brought Foster to life has been a testament to this beautiful soul. Our teammate.


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Heather’s artwork is heavily drawn from narratives, as she grew up amongst a band of storytellers. Each one of them shaping her attraction to illustration her own story. We couldn’t be more excited to share her work with you. In the meantime, read on to dive in a bit deeper.

“My illustrations have become pieces of the stories that I tell myself. Their purpose is to preserve memories like souvenirs. They serve as a place where I have control over how I want to address a memory and how I want to file it in my mind."

"Although my work illustrates my personal stories, it is my hope that when making and sharing art, that I can create a connection with the person looking at it. I want them to pause for a quiet moment, to feel even just the smallest pull on their heartstrings. I want them to remember their own narratives, the stories that have shaped them and the stories they live by.” - H. Sunquist Hall


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Dave Massman is a third grade teacher from Austin, Texas.  Watchman Woodworks began there in his dad’s garage, where he grew up watching his dad design and build cabinets, furniture, and other wood goods.  Dave first began to design and build his own handmade furniture and housewares in 2009 and hopes his own son, Shepherd, will watch him in the garage one day soon.


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