The Lagoons 


superlative: most likely to be the most kick-ass brother duo 

creature comfort: sushi

best concert you've ever been to: rolling stones at the forum (2005)

favorite cereal: honey bunches of oats with almonds

austin go-to: town lake

Seamlessly blending electronic indie-jazz, soul, and synth-pop, The Lagoons combine simplistic harmonious beats with infectious melodies to create chill vibes. Originally from Los Angeles, California and based in Austin, Texas, brothers Joey Selan (keys, vocals, saxophone, producer) and Ryan Selan (guitar, vocals, drums, producer) grew up writing music together, officially forming The Lagoons in 2015.

Growing up as trained jazz musicians with the music library of predominantly classic rock and jazz, The Lagoons strive to create a unique electronic-pop sound with the underlying tones of jazz, soul, rock, and funk. The Lagoons have released two collections of music thus far – a self-recorded demo entitled Hypocrisy EP released November 2015 and their first studio-recorded work titled Gems EP released February 2017. 

The duo’s signature sound of a jazz and soul synthesis — slick, easy — can be heard throughout the Gems EP. The Selan brothers currently perform around Texas as a 2-man show, creating a unique live electronic performance with influences such as Daft Punk, Cherub, Chromeo, FKJ, Tycho, The xx, Gorillaz, Steely Dan, Rufus du Sol, Dave Matthews Band, M83, Classixx, Phoenix, Alt-J, and Zero 7.