Our purpose for Underground has been to create a space that allows musicians to be completely raw and unapologetically themselves. Vol. V was a testament of that, and then some. Jacob Alan Jaeger started off the night. Between his beautiful melodies on the harmonica and nostalgic sounds of whistling, Jaeger told stories of moments when his faith in humanity was restored, while subtly speaking to the challenging times we seem to be living in. It felt all too relatable and real — as if we were in a room catching up with an old friend. His song Blanca Flor, performed completely in Spanish, left the room still and silent — feeling as though we were transported to his roots in South Texas. Next, by way of New Orleans, the remarkable Maggie Koerner. Though you wouldn't guess it from her Southern drawl and bubbly personality — Maggie revealed a narrative of pain and heartbreak, along with overcoming challenges and navigating tough seasons. Her words were met with an impressive range of power and force. Maggie paired her vocals with delicate strums on her guitar, beats made by drumming on her legs and bold moments of rising up onto her feet, belting her heart out, leaving us all in awe. The evening was something special and rare, and we haven't been able to stop reliving it since.


Venue — Bar Peached

Presenting Partner — Nine Banded Whiskey

Featured Partner — Maggie Louise Confections

Headliner — Maggie Koerner

Opener — Jacob Alan Jaeger

Photographer — Brittany NO FOMO