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We collaborate with chefs, artists, musicians and brands to curate experiences that are unmatched. Whether its an intimate pop-up dinner in a leather studio or a stripped-back concert in an unassuming warehouse, we aim to bring our community together in an authentic and meaningful way.

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At our core, we are designers, experience-curators, storytellers, music aficionados and food enthusiasts. We work with clients to curate experiences that are unmatched. What sets us apart is our mission to go deeper. Our goal is to bring life to ideas that are unexpected, moving and original.

Whether you’re looking for a private dinner, brand experience, curated lounge or holiday party, we’d love to work with you.

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We couldn’t do what we do without our people.
Meet the chefs, artists, musicians and creatives who have helped bring this little idea to big life.

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“There are places we remember for the way they make us feel: anxious and intrigued, jubilant or grateful. It’s in these spaces some unexpected connection occurs, weaving that moment forever into our memories. Suddenly, that place feels important and that experience, special. Recreating that feeling is a struggle, for its elusiveness is part of what makes it worthwhile How do you capture spontaneity and plan the unplanned? This was the challenge the three women behind Foster shouldered when they landed in Austin.” — Austin Woman

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