The funny thing is — it was never planned.




After a five-week backpacking trip, we left Europe on this certain type of high. At the time, we were convinced that kind of joy, excitement, passion for life - it was temporary. It was associated with long train rides, waking up in a new country every other day, meeting new faces, immersing yourself into new cultures, with no worries and no responsibilities. While yes, that was some kind of unparalleled joy, it didn’t have to end there. At least not on our clock.


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It was on the plane ride over when the idea of Foster sparked. What is it that we loved so much about our experience in Europe? What is it that we’re passionate about? And with that, what is it that we can do to bring meaning into people’s lives?




We walked up and down East 6th street, popped into Springdale farms, sat alongside the river, indulged in our first breakfast taco, and heard the music playing from just about every street corner. We soaked it all in. This must be the place. The music is here. And the food scene — well, it's overflowing with untapped talent. We can showcase this. We can bring people together in an intentional and authentic way. We can make people feel something.




At the heart of it, we collaborate with chefs, musicians, artists, and like-minded brands to curate intimate pop-up dinners and concerts. The kind where the space is unconventional, the experience sparks interest, and the people are good. It’s been over a year and a half since since Foster came to life. Since then, we've curated 80+ events, collaborated with some of the most talented creatives, brought back magic to house shows, and shared rich stories around the dinner table. And, it's just the beginning.